Monday, June 22, 2009

Are you trying to be sexy?

Yesterday, while I was in Manila, I went to the bookstore. I was scanning books in the foreign language section, because I am determined to learn some Tagalog while I'm here, when I heard a small voice.

Little Girl: Uh ooo uh...

A pudgy Japanese girl, with short jet black hair, probably about six or seven was on her tip toes trying to grab a book which was way out of her reach. I had seen this little girl earlier in the cooking section, she was singing loudly while taking books off the shelves and throwing them on the floor.


Since I have zero patients for other people's obnoxious children I quickly decided I would look through Rachel Ray another day, and I moved towards the opposite side of the store. After all, I kill chickens and pepper spray cats, it's possible I would hang that little girl from a bookshelf by her hair.

Now, I was in the foreign language section and apparently she had followed me.

Me: Do you want me to help you?
Girl: Yes. That one.
Me: Ok, here you go. (It was a wedding planning book. Which I'm sure she had little use for... I guess she just liked the lime green cover.)

Girl: Are you english?
Me: American. I'm from the United States.
Girl: I thought you were english. I thought you were english because you have yellow hair.
Me: Hmmm... nope. (And my hair is not yellow. Highlights yes... yellow no. I already don't like her. )

All of a sudden she opens her eyes super wide and drops her mouth open.

Girl: Your dress is short!
Me: What?!
Girl: I can see your legs!

First of all... it wasn't that short. It was past my finger tips... that was school dress code right?And she is being super loud... it is a book store, people are reading... well they were until they all looked at me to see my yellow hair and hooker outfit. This child is on my last nerve. Where are her parents?

Me: haha...ok.
Girl: Are you trying to be sexy? ( I am not amused.)
Me: No. It's not that short. (Why I feel I have to defend my fashion choices to a six-year-old... I don't know...)
Girl: Are you a model?
Me: hahahaha... no.
Girl: Then why are you trying to be sexy?
Me: hahaha... you ask a lot of questions.
Girl: Why are you laughing?
Me: Because you're funny.

I go back to looking at the books, trying to ignore her....

Girl: What are you looking for?
Me: An english-tagalog dictionary... (My patients are growing thinner by the second...)
Girl: Why do you want a dictionary?

I'm trying to completely ignore her at this point....

Girl: Is this a dictionary?
Me: No
Girl: Is this a dictionary?
Me: No
Girl: Is this a dictionary?
Me: No

Uggghhhh! Seriously?

At this point I turned around and left the store.

I swear... Do I just attract these horrible things...

creepy crawly creatures....
feral cats...
obnoxious children...

what's next?