Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yogi in Training

The other day I was downstairs and I kept hearing the strangest noises coming from upstairs. Then I heard Lee say, "You might want to come up here and see this." I walked upstairs to find Lee twisted up in the most hilarious position.

It was his Yoga day.

I of course could not have been more entertained... I ran downstairs and made popcorn and m&ms for the occasion. Mr. Bigg and I sat on the couch eating popcorn, while he grunted, twisted, made funny faces and fell over repeatedly. I laughed until I cried... for about an hour. Lee, by his own admission, is the least flexible person on the planet. He proved this by trying to sit Indian Style... he failed miserably. His legs can only cross at the ankles...

Man, am I going to love Yoga days.