Wednesday, May 20, 2009


About 15 minutes ago Lina walked through the front door. What does she have in her hand? A fan blade. Not a new fan, but a fan blade. The fan self destructed... I don't think the blade was the reason it tried to kill itself. These people are too cheap to buy a new $15 fan, so they went out and got a new fan blade. I was in shock when she walked in carrying that crappy piece of plastic. She went upstairs to put it together, I followed her of course; I couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she realized she was an idiot. She tried for 10 minutes to put that fan blade in the fan. She pushed on it, she hit it, she pull it, she blew in to it. I stood there smirking the entire time. I couldn't offer her any help because the whole time I wanted to scream at her, "IT DOESN'T FIT!!!! Why? Because its not the right blade for the fan! Not to mention the fact that the fan's cage is all bent up from free falling off the table. Are you serious?!? Just buy me a new fan, Damnit!" Finally, she gave up and said she knew someone who could fix it.... Yeah... I would love to see what Mr. Fix It can do about it.

Then we head downstairs to my mess of a shower. Franco, or Electrical Ace as I like to call him was here on Tuesday to put hot water in my shower. Since he was here already it only made sense for him to put hot water in my bath tub too. And since I have an innate ability of getting what I want, he did. Whoo-hoo! So now I have hot water in my bath tub, and in my bathroom sink! Hallelujah! But not in my shower, where it was supposed to be in the first place.

So Lina followed me in the bathroom and she stood there with her hand under the water for 10 minutes before she believed that there was not going to be any hot water coming out. She walked over and turned off the lights, then the water became hot.

Lina: "Oh you see.. you just have to flip this switch and the water becomes hot."
Me: "The light switch? The light switch makes the water hot?"
Lina: "Yes"
Me: "But you turned the switch off...." (I'm not enthused...)
Lina: "Yes, must be off."
Me: "So... you're telling me that the lights have to be off in the bathroom in order to take a shower."
Lina: "No there are lights."
Me: "Really? Where?"
Lina: "Oh...yes. No lights."
Me: "Lee gets up before 5, it's still dark then.. you expect him to take a shower in the dark so he can have hot water? Really...?"

She turns back on the lights, and goes over to the hot water box... it is still working... Even with the lights on, imagine that.

Lina: "Oh!! It works now!! No problem. Lights on!"
Me: "Great...."

So who knows if it will come on next time when we need to take a shower. Maybe I'll just go flicker the lights and hope it miraculously comes on. It will just be our daily surprise.... hot or cold... I don't know we will find out.