Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Staying at the Top

Our hut was one of the highest huts on the mountain... which meant in order to get from our hut to the beach and back, we would have to endure 150 steps both ways. This proved to be quite a journey. When we were especially lazy, we found the cable jeepney.

This is pretty hilarious because this is the Filipino's version of a taxi cab. Instead of having a yellow, four door car... they have these.

You can't go 50 feet without seeing one, and you can't miss them because they are so obnoxiously ornate. Everyone of them is different, we even saw one that said "Houston Texas" really big on the back. Very random.
It costs about 8 pisos for a jeepney ride, and I'm not really sure how far that gets you... but it works like a bus. There are different stops, and they pack the people in the jeepney.
Now, lets say I had some goats, and I was going on a trip with my goats... I could bring them on the jeepney. Amazing huh? For 50 pisos I can rent the jeepney to take me and my goats where ever I need to go. But if I have cows, that's a different story. There are no cows aloud on the jeepneys. That sounds like discrimination to me.
I have yet to ride in a jeepney, and the cable jeepney might be the closest I get... so I was pretty excited!

(The cable jeepney. All the jeepney's have their names across the top.
This one's name is "Coco Beach." )

(Our Driver)

(Everyone who went to Coco Beach.
Me, Lee, Janice, Lori & Greg )