Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Mini America

Last weekend we went to Alabang. It is a part of Metro-Manila about an hour and half from here. It is a popular town for ex-pats so many of the stores and restaurants cater to Americans, Brits and Aussies. It is one of my new favorite places. There are actual buildings there, not tiny tin huts stapled together and the buildings have doors! I decided that I need to make a trip up there once a month in order to stay sane.

There is a place there called S&R. It is exactly like Sam's Club, and we think Sam's might even be part owner of it. (Maybe what the "S" stands for...) They had everything I haven't been able to find here...

Chocolate Chips
Granola Bars
Cool Whip
Barqs Rootbeer
Jello Instant Pudding

Basically... all the fat American things I have been looking for. It was amazing!

The best part about Alabang? Outback! We stopped there for dinner on our way back and pretty much ordered one of everything on the menu. We practically rolled ourselves out of there when we were finished. It was awesome!

Chocolate Thunder From Down Under!!