Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm Sorry We are All Booked

We arrived at the Shangri-la, Makati around midnight. Lee and I started to check in, and the lady behind the counter was taking forever. She excused herself and was gone for more than ten minutes. When she came back she told us they were all booked, but not to worry because they have reserved the Presidential Suite for us. Since I had been doing extensive research about everything Filipino I knew exactly what she talking about and how amazing the Presidential Suite is, but Lee had no idea. So completely oblivious to the fact that we are about to stay in the nicest suite, in one of the nicest 5 star hotels in the world, he shrugs and says, “I guess that will work.”

I looked at him shocked, but thought ok... I see how were going to play it. It’s no big deal, we stay in $3000.00 a night hotel rooms all the time. Yeah right.

We got in the elevator to go up to the 28th floor, the top floor, and then it started to make a little more sense to Lee. Especially, when the bell boys started getting really excited. They told us that our room is the same room the Prime Minister of Australia stays in when he comes to Manila, as well as Mariah Carey. They gave us the grand tour, and then offered to take several pictures of us throughout the suite.

The suite was amazing. They combined seven different hotel rooms on the top floor to make up the Presidential Suite. There was a dining room, kitchen, office, bath rooms, formal sitting areas and secret doors in the walls that led to other rooms. We hardly slept all night because we were up exploring the room.

Click here to watch our Presidential Suite Tour!

(Lee in the Presidential Office)

(Living Area)


(Dining Room)

(Bath Room)

(Bed Room)

(Downtown Manila)

(View from the 28th Floor)