Thursday, May 28, 2009

I live with LeBron

Basketball is definitely the most popular sport in the Philippines. There are basketball courts everywhere, which surprised me and lee because we figured this was more of a soccer kind of place, especially since height really isn't one of their strengths. We have a basketball court in our neighborhood, and Lee has been dying to go over there and shoot around. We bought a basketball when we went to Alabang last weekend, so last night we decided to go over there and check it out.

There was a group of boys playing on one end of the court, so we started shooting around on the other end. This drew quite a bit of attention probably for a number of reasons...

1. We are most likely the fairest skinned people to ever walk on to that basketball court.
2. Lee is a head and shoulders taller than anyone else that has probably ever walked on to that basketball court.
3. And from the way they all stopped and stared, I was probably the only girl to ever walk on that basketball court. (Or they were totally impressed with my sweet shooting skills... one of the two)

We played on our end for a while until one of the kids from the other side had to go home. Which left them with an uneven number.

Kids: You play?
Lee: Me?
Kids: Yes, you play?
Lee: Um, sure. Do you want to play?
Me: Ha! No.. you go ahead.
Lee: Ok, yeah I'll play.

He walked over to their side of the court trying to figure out who is supposed to be on his team. One little kid, about 8 years old, ran over to Lee and stood next to him. He measured himself up against Lee's arm and begin laughing. Then he pointed to all his friends who had to play against him, and laughed at them. I played on the other end of the court with the little kid, while lee played with the other guys. It was so funny to watch, and we all had a lot of fun.

As soon as it got to dark to see they called the game, and we all started to walk home.

Kids: Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
Lee: Do you play here everyday?
Kids: Yes. Tomorrow
Lee: We'll see. Tomorrow's Friday, I drink beer on Fridays. (Great Lee, way to tell these kids that Fridays are for beer... not basketball, that's a real great example. :P )

Kid: Lee, how old you are?
Lee: 23
Kid: You, keely... how old?
Me: 24. How old are you?
Kid: 18. (Then smiles really big)
Me: Oh really... (There was no way. This guy might have been 15 0r 16, but I didn't want to call him a liar, maybe he was just short or looked like a little kid, I don't know. But he was lying.)
Lee: You're not 18. (Apparently Lee didn't care)
Kid: Yes, 18 (He laughs, and all his friends do too...)

About this time we started to turn down our street.

Another kid: You live where?
Me: Right here.
Other kid: Oh nice.

So now that they know where we live this probably means they will be coming by everyday to see if Lee can play. I guess I could just tell them he's grounded...

They were all really nice kids. Next time I'm bringing my camera so I can video... the one time I don't bring it with me and we miss Lee looking like he just stepped out of the NBA.

Lee: I felt bad I was wearing shoes. (We were the only ones wearing tennis shoes, everyone else was wearing flip flops.)
Me: Yeah. Me too.
Lee: And I need to buy them a ball, that one sucked.
Me: Yeah. You were so much taller than all of them.
Lee: I know. I could just stand there with the ball over my head and they couldn't do anything. And when I drove to the basket they all got out of my way like they were scared to guard me. Now I know what LeBron feels like!