Monday, May 18, 2009

Corrections... Courtesy of Lee

After raving about how totally awesome my blog is.... (which he knew he better do before he started criticizing it...) Lee offered these corrections:

1. The censored box which covers his ass in the entry, "Burn your Buns" was in his opinion, entirely too small. So I made it bigger. I really wanted to delete it all together and see how long it took for him to notice... but being the delightful wife I am, I refrained. The box is now bigger :)

2. I said in, "Staying at the top," that a jeepney is like a taxi. But I was wrong. A jeepney is not like a taxi, a jeepney is more like a bus because it makes several stops and carries lots of people. A tricycle is more like a taxi, because it costs more and it is private transportation. I agreed. The correction was warranted.

3. An adaptor is different than a converter. In the entry, "RIP 360" I wrote about the bad adaptor, I should have said converter.

Lee: "Just think of it as... an adaptor, adapts." (Followed by an entirely too feminine hand motion)

Oh I see... that makes perfect sense. pff.

Corrections finished. Sorry for the mistakes.

And he wonders why I call him a dork :)