Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Coin Kids

When we got back to the port in Batangas we docked on the side of the landing that sits out in the water. The landing was a good 6 feet above the boat, so we weren't real sure how we were going to get off. The guys running the boat hoisted a rickety walk way up to the landing. And scurried up to the top to help us off. Janice said it best when she said, "There ain't no way in hell."
The water was below us, and every time the boat moved the walkway rocked back and forth. It was scary. We all made it across... just barely, but we all agreed there has got to be another way.
When we were safely on land we got bombarded by children. They kept yelling, "Friend, coins, water... friend, coins, coins." They wanted us to throw them coins in to the water, and they would dive in and get them.

You can check out the video here. I keep forgetting that when I turn my camera vertically it doesn't record that way, so you will have to watch it sideways... sorry. :/